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Women of the Well: A Catholic Women's Ministry | Accompanying women in their encounter with Christ using the gifts of Ignatian Spirituality

Women of the Well

You are not alone. We are Women of the Well, and we will walk with you.

We accompany women as they encounter Christ

through the gifts of Ignatian Spirituality.


Encountering Christ

Who am I? Whose am I? Who am I called to be? We invite you to pause, call you to deeper water, and leave you renewed to go back to life’s calls and responsibilities.

We Walk With You

We give space for women to use their voices, share their stories, and use their gifts for building the Kingdom.

Ignatian Spirituality

The spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola provides a 500-year-old way to build a relationship with Jesus that is scripture-based, “do-able”, and rooted in real life, lived experience.


Come to the water. Let us accompany you.

Pray With Us

The Examen

As a ministry grounded in Ignatian Spirituality,
we lean on prayers like St. Ignatius’ examen, listed below.

1.  Invite the Holy Spirit to help you see the day as God sees it.

2.  Be thankful.  Name the gifts of your day, and thank God for them.

3.  Notice God’s presence.
Where did you feel an increase of faith, hope & love?

4.  Notice where you felt what seemed like a lack of God’s presence.
Where did you feel a decrease of faith, hope & love?  Why?

5.  Look to the future.  
Ask God for the grace you need in the day ahead.

Close with an Our Father.

The Examen

As a ministry grounded in Ignatian Spirituality,
we lean on prayers like St. Ignatius’ examen, listed below.

1.  Invite the Holy Spirit to help 
you see the day as God sees it.

2.  Be thankful.  Name the gifts of 
your day, and thank God for them.

3.  Notice God’s presence.
Where did you feel an increase 
of faith, hope & love?

4.  Notice where you felt what
 seemed like a lack of God’s presence.
Where did you feel a decrease of 
faith, hope & love?  Why?

5.  Look to the future.
Ask God for the grace you need in the day ahead.

Close with an Our Father.

Talking to God

We understand busy. We all need practical, easy-to-use tools and prayers to make space for God in our lives. Let us introduce you to Ignatian spirituality as a way to encounter God.


Each time I’ve been a participant in planning or participated in a retreat evening, I’ve felt welcomed, heard and loved. The grace with which this team of women interact is a testimony to their desire to be witnesses of Christ’s love in the world today.
All are truly welcome.

Faye Coorpender