Days of Reflection

Day of Reflection:

Unshakeable Foundation: Building our Lives on the Promises of God’s Shelter

Day of Reflection:

       Unshakeable Foundation: Building our    Lives on the Promises of God’s Shelter

April 25,2020

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

St. Jean Vianney Catholic Church

16166 S Harrell’s Ferry Road 
Baton Rouge, LA 70816 

Suggested Donation

$40 (includes lunch) 


Faciliated By:

Stephanie Clouatre Davis & Becky Eldredge 


Join us for a day of reflection with Women of the Well co- founders, Stephanie Clouatre Davis and Becky Eldredge. Join other women from around the diocese as we reflect on the Unshakable Foundation of God and what it looks like to build our lives on the promises of God’s Shelter.

At the strong urging of a dear friend, I reluctantly signed up for the Day of Reflection. My husband and I were already taking plenty of time off work as part of our adoption approval process, and I really didn’t think I could afford the additional time off. Looking back, I can see how I really couldn’t have afforded not to take this time off! The day of reflection gave me a deep pause amidst the busyness to listen to God’s call for my life, reaffirmed my call to motherhood, and renewed my spirit of hope, faith, and trust. Just five days later, we got the call about a beautiful expectant mother who wanted to meet us, and she gave birth to our precious baby girl just four months later! Marcie Buckle



Fall Day of Reflection

October 23, 2019
St Gabriel Catholic Church

Spring Day of Reflection

April 25, 2020
Location TBD