Days of Reflection

What Next?: Discerning Next Decisions with God

June 16,2020

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


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Faciliated By:

Stephanie Clouatre Davis 


What Next?: Discerning Next Decisions with God

Making decisions is difficult especially in situations like our current pandemic! Coronavirus has created a cloud for many of us who are unsure of how to adapt to our changing terrain. We make big and small decisions every day, but now these might feel cloudy. What should I do with my job? What is next for my family? Is this what I should do? Noticing your own desires and God’s call is difficult.

No matter what the decision, God is with you, and there are tools to help make it easier.  

This retreat will explore St. Ignatius’ 500-year-old spiritual exercises to make decisions with confidence and ease. Leave with practical tools to help you not only bring your small and big decisions to God but also know with clarity your “What next?”

At the strong urging of a dear friend, I reluctantly signed up for the Day of Reflection. My husband and I were already taking plenty of time off work as part of our adoption approval process, and I really didn’t think I could afford the additional time off. Looking back, I can see how I really couldn’t have afforded not to take this time off! The day of reflection gave me a deep pause amidst the busyness to listen to God’s call for my life, reaffirmed my call to motherhood, and renewed my spirit of hope, faith, and trust. Just five days later, we got the call about a beautiful expectant mother who wanted to meet us, and she gave birth to our precious baby girl just four months later! Marcie Buckle



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